Question: What attractions are open on the Isle of Wight?

Whats open on the Isle of Wight?

Open NowVentnor Botanic Gardens.Pirates Cove.Osborne (Grounds open now)Adgestone Vineyard.Carisbrooke Castle.Mottistone Gardens.Sandham Gardens.14 Apr 2021

What is there to do on the Isle of Wight today?

Top 10 things to do on the Isle of WightDinosaur Isle, Sandown.Blackgang Chine, Ventnor.Osborne House Queen Victorias country home, Cowes.The Needles, Alum Bay.Monkey Haven, Newport.Isle of Wight Steam Railway, Ryde.Robin Hill Country Park, Arreton.Carisbrooke Castle, Newport.More items

Is it safe to go to the Isle of Wight now?

Read the latest official Government guidelines relating to Coronavirus and travel to the Island. Always put the health of your loved ones and those around you first. To help protect our community and to enable us to continue to share our Island with you please read our visitor charter. The Isle of Wight is good to go.

How much does the Isle of Wight zoo cost?

Guide PricesTicket TypeTicket TariffAdult£13.80 per ticketChild (3-14 yrs)£11.25 per ticketDisabled CarerFreeFamily 2 + 2£50.00 per ticket3 more rows

Can you drive around Isle of Wight in a day?

How long does it take to drive around the Isle? From one end to the other would take around an hour without traffic. You could circle the entire perimeter in three hours. But then, that doesnt include all the stops you want to make – so a day will actually feel pretty short.

Is it worth going to Isle of Wight?

The Isle of Wight is also a good option if you want a cheap UK holiday on the beach. The beaches are so varied that you wont get bored by day three and spend the rest of the week in the cinema. See our guide to the Isle of Wights best beaches for more information.

Who owns the Isle of Wight zoo?

In 1976 the zoo was taken over by a new owner Jack Corney, and was rebuilt over the following years as a sanctuary for big cats and primates. Following Jack Corneys death in 2003 the zoo was run by his daughter, Charlotte. In 2017 the ownership was transferred to The Wildheart Trust, a charity.

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