Question: Can you be sent to war at 17?

The minimum age at which soldiers can be sent into battle is included in the 1977 First Protocol to the Geneva Conventions on International Humanitarian Law. In the U.S. it is possible to enlist at 17, with parental consent, said David Balton, of the State Departments Office of the Legal Advisers.

Can 17-year-olds go to war?

In the United States 17-year-olds may join the armed forces with the written agreement of parents. As of 2015 approximately 16,000 17-year-olds were being enlisted annually.

Can you be deployed at 17?

Before you visit your local recruiter, be sure you meet the minimum qualifications for serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. You must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien. You must be at least 17 years old (17-year-old applicants require parental consent). You must (with very few exceptions) have a high school diploma.

Did 17-year-olds fight in ww2?

In World War II, the US only allowed men and women 18 years or older to be drafted or enlisted into the armed forces, although 17-year-olds were allowed to enlist with parental consent, and women were not allowed in armed conflict. The youngest member of the United States military was 12-year-old Calvin Graham.

How many 17-year-olds are in the military?

The Army has the greatest proportion of recruits older than age 21 (24 percent) and the smallest proportion of 17- and 18-year-old recruits (37 percent).

What is the age cut off for the Army?

The U.S, Military seems to agree with the concept of older recruits with a policy change by the Air Force in June 2014 when the maximum age for enlistment was raised from 27 to 39 years of age. The enlistment age restrictions for the Army, Navy and Marines are 35, 34 and 28.

Why does Africa use child soldiers?

Children have been used in the military for decades in Sudan. Many of these children are grateful for being taken into the military, for it provided them with protection and the opportunity to protect or avenge those close to them.

What is the average age of our military?

The average age of those deployed was 33.4 years—from an average of 29.5 years in the Marine Corps to an average of 35.8 years in the Air Force. Those deployed from the reserves and National Guard were older.

How old is the youngest Vietnam vet today?

60 years old The following are some statistics that are at once depressing yet in a larger sense should give you a huge sense of pride. Of the 2,709,918 Americans who served in Vietnam, Less than 850,000 are estimated to be alive today, with the youngest American Vietnam veterans age approximated to be 60 years old.

How much do Marines make a week?

Marine Corps SalaryAnnual SalaryWeekly PayTop Earners$101,000$1,94275th Percentile$70,000$1,346Average$57,101$1,09825th Percentile$34,000$653

Can I go to war at 16?

The army states that it doesnt recruit children under the age of 16 and that soldiers must be 18 before they can be deployed to the front line. Parents are engaged throughout and must sign a consent form. But allowing 16-year-olds to enlist means [we] end up with some really good, focused soldiers.

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