Question: Which month is best for pregnancy?

02/5The study A study published in the journal, Human Reproduction has now found out that the chances of ahieving favourable results are higher around the late fall and early winter months. A survey was conducted on 14,331 parents to observe the reason for the seasonal spike up in birth rates.

When should I start trying for a baby?

Generally, your best chance of getting pregnant is 12-16 days before your period, says Edward Marut, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist with Fertility Centers of Illinois.

How many days I can get pregnant after my period?

Table: Typical menstrual cycles and fertility at each stageDay of cycleStageFertility1-7MenstruationLeast fertile stage8-9Post-menstruationPossible to conceive10-14Days around ovulationMost fertile15-16Post-ovulationPossible to conceive1 more row•15 Sep 2020

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