Question: When did Boity Thulo and Cassper break up?

When did Cassper Nyovest and Boity break up?

However, a year after confirming their relationship, it ended. Their breakup appears to have been amicable, with the personalities stating that conflicting schedules was the reason for their breakup. In 2016, after their relationship ended, a video of Cassper allegedly cheating on Boity surfaced.

When did Boity and Cassper start dating?

Cassper Nyovest The artist has been active in the music industry since 2013 when he first rose to fame. Cassper comes from Montshiwa village. Nyovest and Boity had a romantic involvement back in 2015.

Who is Cassper Nyovest dating right now?

After officially breaking up with Lizelle, he met Thobeka Majozi who is the latest Cassper Nyovest Girlfriend.

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