Question: Who is the richest in SNSD?

How much do SNSD members make?

Every year their gross earnings are humongous. According to the data from, it is estimated that the girls earned a total of $900 million. Individually their earnings differ as per their jobs and endorsements, but when combined certainly the numbers are too big to even dream of.

Who is the smartest in SNSD?

I think Seohyun and Sooyoung are the most book smart. Yoona was highly ranked in her class from what I hear (on manwon happiness her teacher mentioned she came in second in a writing competition) and she also got accepted to College through normal testing rather than the usual Idol pass.

Who is Yuri closest to in SNSD?

Closest and Least Closest Members?Taeyeon:Sooyoung:Yoona:Yuri:Hyoyeon: Closest with Seohyun and Jessica (when she was there)Tiffany.Seohyun.Sunny:More items •Sep 1, 2015

Who is Tiffany closest to in SNSD?

Closest with Tiffany (as a best friend) then Seohyun, Sunny and Yoona. Closest with Jessica, when she was there, and Taeyeon. After them I feel like she is very close with Sooyoung, Yuri, and Sunny. Shes close with Seohyun in that she considers her a little sister but not in a best friend way.

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