Question: Do I need to pay for Tantan?

Tantan App The app is free to download.

How does Tantan app work?

Tantan works through the location base service mechanism and matches you with the person that has been to the same place youve been to. Tantan pushes the match based on users common tags: same hobbies and interests as well as visiting the same places.

Why is Tantan not on Play Store?

According to reports from China, Tantan has been removed from major Android app stores due to a violation of policies. An official statement from the dating app did not reveal the exact nature of the violations, but did say it was working quickly to correct the matter.

How do I activate my Tantan account?

How to Delete Tantan AccountLog in to your Tantan account.Click Settings.Select and security.Click on delete account.7 Jul 2019

How do I get Tantan verified?

Tantan Profile Quality Tantan requires an active Facebook account or a mobile phone number to verify the identity of a person. The app can place a profile under a pending status if the user is proven to be guilty of rules violation.

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