Question: What is the last quest in High School Story?

The Final Challenge is a main story quest in High School Story. The main objective is to impress another member of the school board by playing a game of basketball against Hearst High.

What goes around HSS?

What Goes Around is a special quest in High School Story. Its been a month since Ace was elected as the school Council Representative. Ace addreses a few issues that hes faced such as cafeteria food safety and violation of fire code.

Where is the casually classic outfit in high school story?

The Casually Classic outfit can be found in the male clothing shop under the Casual tab!

How do you unlock clothes in high school story?

Level outfits are outfits that can be unlocked by leveling up your classmates with Books . These outfits are different depending on which type a student is; for instance, it isnt possible for a jock to wear a gamers outfit.

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