Question: Who is better John Cena or Randy Orton?

Theres no doubt that John Cena is the bigger, and more successful, Superstar. However, there was a point where Randy Orton was the bigger star. They are both very talented in the ring and can put on some exciting matches. Its still surprising that it has been over 10 years since their debuts.

Who won Randy Orton or Cena?

Cena ultimately defeated Orton by 6 falls to 5, making Orton tap out for the final fall using the STF.

What is John Cenas record against Randy Orton?

The record between the two men is 13-7 in favor of John Cena. This also includes DQ wins, of which John Cena has 5 and Randy Orton has 1. Interestingly enough, the John Cena/Randy Orton rivalry isnt viewed with the same nostalgia as the John Cena/Edge or John Cena/CM Punk feuds.

Is Randy Orton the best wrestler?

Randy Orton has been on arguably the best WWE run of his life in the last 12 months. The legendary wrestling commentator has shared some incredibly high praise for Orton, calling him the best wrestler in the world right now. Randy is at the top of his game right now.

How many times has Randy Orton lost?

5. Randy Orton (6 Wins, 7 Losses) The Viper was, at one time, seen as the face of the company. While hes played second fiddle to John Cena throughout the years, hes still a highly valued member of the roster.

Is Randy Orton white?

As a white guy, I dont see it. But then I started listening to my black brothers and sisters, especially the ones Ive known for years and some for more than a decade.

Did Brock Lesnar really cut open Randy Orton?

The match between the two legends had a shocking finish, as Brock Lesnar sliced Randy Ortons forehead open with a series of elbow-shots. The contest had to be momentarily halted and the medical team had to be called in to check on Orton. A pool of blood leaked out of The Vipers head. Nothing about it was fake.

Will Randy Orton become champion again?

Randy Orton Will Be A 16-Time Champion By WrestleMania 37 [Theory] Randy Orton lost the WWE Title last night on Raw, but we dont think he will have to wait very long to win it back. At Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton became a World Champion for the 14th time.

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