Question: Is geek to geek free?

With Geek2Geek, basic membership is free. When users just have a free membership, they can browse profiles and even Show Interest in a profile they see and like. A Free member can also receive and read messages.

How much is geek and geek?

How much itll cost you: Free to browse profiles and send messages; $4.79/month to read messages sent to you. Cupidtino describes itself as the first (and only) Mac-inspired dating site. Thats right--if you love Apple products and the people who love Apple products, this site is for you.

How do I get rid of geek2geek?

How do I discontinue my free membership account? If youre a free member, log on to the site and click on the Manage Account icon.

Is SoulGeek legit?

If youre looking for a platform where geekiness is not only accepted but actually encouraged -- and even viewed as attractive, SoulGeek is well worth checking out.

How can I find a nerdy girlfriend?

To meet a hot, nerdy girl, start hanging out at your local game shop or bookstore. Conventions are also a great place to meet like-minded girls, but they only come around every so often. Put yourself in situations where youre likely to run into nerdy girls.

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