Next Day Coverage in Minutes!  Is Short Term Medical Right for You?

People lose health insurance every day.  The reality is people also get sick or injured every day.  Since we cannot predict the future, it is wise to maintain health insurance for the unexpected, and fortunately Short Term Medical plans can begin as soon as tomorrow!  But are Short Term Medical plans right for you?


Does it matter when or how I lost my insurance to apply for Short Term Medical?

It does not!  There are many reasons why someone might lose their health insurance and sometimes we don’t even realize it.  Here are common situations that occur resulting in a gap of health insurance:

  • leaving an employer who provides health benefits

  • waiting for a new employer to begin insurance (often 30 – 90 day waiting periods)

  • turning age 26 and being removed from a parent’s plan

  • graduating from college

  • waiting period for a Qualified Health Plan to begin

  • temporary or seasonal employees between assignments

  • missed last year’s Open Enrollment Period

You can apply at anytime for a Short Term Medical plan regardless of when or how you lost your health insurance.


Ok, I understand I can apply for Short Term Medical at anytime, but is it right for me?

To identify if Short Term Medical is right for you, ask yourself this – do I need insurance for past or current health conditions, or do I need insurance just in case something unexpected comes up?  Those who are fairly healthy and need insurance for the unexpected will most likely find Short Term Medical as a great solution.


Short Term Medical Benefits:

  • benefits up to $1 million per person

  • more affordable than ACA (Obamacare) plans

  • next day coverage for new accidents, no more than a 5 day waiting period for new illnesses

  • nationwide network that allows you to use your own doctor or any licensed physician

  • additional PPO network to lower your out of pocket costs even more when using a participating provider

How can I apply for Short Term Medical and do I have to wait for Open Enrollment?

You do not have to wait!  Short Term Medical is available at any time throughout the year and can begin as soon as tomorrow*.  Plans are available for up to 364 days in most States and are billed monthly.

*Coverage for new accidents begins next day; 5 day waiting period for new illnesses.

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