Life Insurance

Simple Term Life Insurance Plan

Simple Term Life Insurance offers a guaranteed rate for a five year term period, meaning your rates won’t go up until after the term is over. In the event of your death, a tax free payout is provided to help cover expenses like the following:
• Paying off debt and final expenses
• Funeral and death costs
• College tuition for children
• Paying off your mortgage or rent
• Paying for groceries and family living expenses
• Temporary replacement of income

Its fast and simple to understand, just choose your coverage amount and enroll. As long as you pay the premium, you’re covered for the duration of the policy. You may renew your policy every 5 years up to age 80. For many people, term life insurance is a simple, affordable way to safeguard the financial health of loved ones if something happens.
• Next Day Coverage
• No Medical Questions
• No Bloodwork
• No Urine Testing
• No Long Enrollment Process
• No Waiting for Coverage
• No Massive Premiums

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